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The Maryland Driver Education Classroom and In-Car Curriculum guide is divided into ten units of class-room instruction and six one hour units of in-car instruction.
The program was designed to have the new driver start their in-car instruction and their practice time with their coaches before completing the classroom work.
In-Car Lesson #5   p. 21
Log 10 hrs with Supervising Driver    (50)

In-Car Lesson #6    p. 27
(  Performance Objectives: Students will demonstrate pre-drive procedures, knowledge and operation of information, communication, safety devices and vehicle control, basic vehicle maneuvers, intersection approach and safe turning procedures, time and space management through the selection of speed and position when traveling in a flow of traffic, driving through a curve, and the application of rules and laws.  )

Log 10 hrs with Supervising Driver    (60)
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Behind-The-Wheel Instruction

Although not mandatory, driver education schools should begin behind-the-wheel instruction before the student has completed the classroom portion of the driver education program.

Beginning behind-the-wheel instruction while the student is still attending classroom training provides immediate reinforcement and practice of the concepts provided in the classroom, and allows the student to gain a better understanding of the material that is presented.

Students must possess a valid learner’s permit before operating a motor vehicle. This includes any driver education vehicle.

It is the responsibility of the Instructor to verify that the student has a valid Learner’s Permit in their possession before conducting any behind-the-wheel training.

Maryland Driver Education  Curriculum Guide 
September 2016  -  p.06

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