DESoMD Registration Form
Our Policies and Procedures
are reviewed and signed before or during Orientation (First Class)

BTW Scheduling normally begins after
the classroom completes.

Successive drives are scheduled meeting MVA guidelines.  Students must meet the MVA objectives to successfully complete the GLS, both knowledge and skills demonstrated.

Drive sessions may begin at student's High School, Home, Job or Drive School;
A Parent/ Guardian/Mentor is requested
to attend the BTW sessions.

** Two or MORE drives may be requested to begin and end at the Drive School, to teach the objectives MVA required.

Please view the below links for NEW INFORMATION

New MVA Guidelines effective
"How to Perpare for your Driver's Test"

DESoMD - Policies and Procedures

Student must possess a valid Learner's Permit
for Behind-the-Wheel (BTW).
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A Parent or Guardian or Mentor
is REQUIRED to attend the first class dates,
Student Driver Orientation

"Getting Acquainted with your Driving School and MVA Drivers Guidelines"

Rookie Driver Safety For Teens and Parents
** Class cost  $360.00 (36 hrs., 30 hrs classroom, 6 hrs BTW;  )

Payment plan: $180.00 to SECURE a seat in an upcoming open class;

  $80.00 Non-Refundable after Friday before the start of class.
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